Blocks (400 x 200 x 115mm)

Blocks (460 x 220 x 150mm)

Blocks (460 x 230 x 220mm)

Face Bricks (230 x 110 x 75mm)

Split bricks (230 x 110 x 75mm)

Split bricks (460 x 155 x 75mm)


Fata, Beaton, Scallop, Dedalo, Bullnose

Table Sets

Large and Small tables, Benches, Park Benches, Stools

Sink Top

Kitchen sink, Wash Tubs

Manhole Covers, Gulley Surrounds, Meter Hydrant Boxes, Kerb Stones

Internal and External Air Vents, 

Terrazzo Tiles

Veranda Columns

Garden Edges, Dripstones, Coping, paving slabs

Distance Markers